F-Stop Photographic Society Monthly Newsletter – November 2016


Club meeting

The next club meeting will be the Wednesday 9th November  2016 at 19:00. The Theme for this month is: “water” .

Please note that December’s meeting will be on the 7th  December and not the 14th

Club Magazine

Please visit our website, http://www.fstopphoto.co.za/monthly-club-magazines/ for a link to download the magazine.



Getpix Creative College in Benoni,  is one of the Drop Off/ Collection Points for your camera repairs  for Future Specialist FSCS based in Randburg.

If your camera ( Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Pentax etc. ) requires cleaning or repairing, drop off your camera with us for next day collection. A drop off slip is completed with all serial numbers and accessories noted. Your camera  is then boxed, sealed and couriered directly to FSCS .No extra charge for courier service.

Pro Cleaning                        R850

Semi Pro Cleaning              R550

Amateur Cleaning              R350

Repairs are undertaken by FSCS qualified, trained camera technicians.www.FSCS.co.za

CAMERA TIP: Ensure that all of your camera equipment is covered under All Risks insurance. Under this type of insurance even in the event of any personal damage by yourself, your camera will be insured .

Facebook Page


If you have yet, please join us on our Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/Fstopphotographic/


If you have any suggestions for the club or know of events coming up that we would like to go an photograph, please email info@fstopphoto.co.za with details.


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